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What is Canvas Print?

Canvas Print, as its name, generally refer to professional quality reproduction of image onto canvas (as base media), instead of paper. The printing technology is known as Giclée (pronounced “zhee-clay”, is an invented name for the process of making fine art prints from a digital source).

The word “giclée”, from the French language word “le gicleur” meaning “nozzle”, or more specifically “gicler” meaning “to squirt, spurt, or spray”. Giclées are specifically targeted to being displayed in indoor lighting; generally bright, direct lighting, such as galleries or offices. Quality reproduction, color fidelity and long term archivability are the major attributes of Giclée printing machines.

In general, Giclée is similar to ink-jet or burble jet technology (Inkjet - commonly used in HP printer; Burble jet - Canon printer). Both techniques use liquid ink fired through specially designed print heads. However, the terms have evolved to refer to separate and specific printing methods and there are major differences between the two.

What is the different between Giclée print Vs inkjet/burble jet print?

Inkjet: Inkjet printing refers to desktop application printing (normally comes with “4~6 colour non-pigmented” inks), which dedicated for “plain or photo paper”. It is commonly own by everyone at home or offices. Achievability and color fidelity aren't major issues for inkjet printing and output is preserved by storing it away from strong light.

Giclée: Giclée print is a high quality inkjet print created with professional grade printers and fine materials. Both inks and canvas need to be rated as “Archival” (museum prints quality). Therefore, wide color rendition (color gamut) pigmented inks and special coated canvas with varnish for giclée prints must be used (poor coating canvas will result in degradation, yellowing and fading of your prints.). In addition to the tangibles, a true Giclée needs to be created by professionals who understand color, ICC profiling and printer calibration. The final print result should be a vibrant, archival product with the highest fidelity to the file it is made from.

Our state of the art giclée printer (“12 colour pigmented” inks) can spray millions of drops of “archival ink” per second onto special “treated canvas” or “fine art paper”, resulting in a reproduction of stunning clarity and texture. The quality of giclee prints produced amazingly smooth and consistent image quality to the original painting or photo, and has been considered much better than other traditional methods of reproduction.

Thanks to the technology break through, the cost of Giclée prints has been more competitive and affordable to all. It has been very welcome and commonly available in Europe, US and UK market for the last 5~10 years.

What are the advantages of your Canvas prints over the traditional photo paper?

Canvas prints are commonly available in Europe, US and UK market. In average, every 1 of 3 families own a canvas art piece. We are here to bring you a different experience with numerous advantages:

  1. Long lasting - We use long-lasting archival inks that have received permanence ratings that exceed 100years. In addition, our canvas prints are treated with additional coating against UV, water resistant, fading and dust, ensuring you with a fine art canvas.

  2. Competitive and transparent pricing - Our price is published online. We make it more affordable! Now, everyone can own an archival museum quality canvas print. There is no hidden cost and expensive framing. Our canvas art piece is ready to hang.

  3. More stunning - With canvas art prints, it brings your artwork alive, giving it a rich, textured look. We are sure you will love it.

  4. Return guarantee - We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return your item within 30 days and we will rectify or refund the cost of your item. (Read more on our Refund/Returns Policy)

How do you assure the quality of your canvas print?

All of our artwork is created and finished to the highest possible standard, in every single step.

  • Printer - We use latest Giclée printing technology, with 12 colour pigment inks system, that guaranteed to be unaffected by light (light Fastness) for 100 years. Our printer has both CMY and RGB colours, which gives full spectrum of colours. In addition, the combination of black, matt black, grey and photo grey inks give incredibly best colours effect for Black & White printing.

  • Canvas – We print on heavyweight artist canvas, manufactured to our own exacting specifications in US, using high quality special treated cotton, with 2:1 weaving that gives clear texture. We use acid-free buffered sizing to protect the canvas fibers from direct contact with the final priming. Each canvas is then primed with a universal acrylic titanium formula and receives a specially formulated clear top-coat for printing ink receptivity. This top-coat also provides for a finer, more consistent texture to deliver enhanced fine art reproductions.

  • Coating - We use dedicated canvas coating to protect, preserve and enhance fine art and photographic prints. It further enhances the colour of the pigmented inks and increases resistance to fading. Additionally, it protects your canvas wall art against moisture, dust and abrasion. You may have your choice of finishing - Glossy, semi-glossy and matte.

  • Frame - All canvas is stretch by our experienced framers onto a high quality, precision-machined wooden 'stretcher' frame. Once hung on the wall, the frame is not seen, giving the characteristic of 3D 'box' effect of canvas art.

We are well supported by our US partners, with more than 20 years of collective Canvas printing experience, present in US, UK and Europe market. As you will realize, we only choose the best quality materials with proven testing result to ensure the highest standard of the finish product.

How do I place an order?

Online Order

3 simple steps.

Step 1: Go to "Order Now".

  1. Click on one of the options of how do you want to send your picture: Upload now or Send picture by email (after placed order)
  2. Select your choice of wrapping (Type of wrapping)
  3. Select Standard Canvas Size from the list or enter your Preferred Size
  4. Select order quantity
  5. Fill in your particulars
  6. Select your payment method

Step 2: Review ORDER summary and click 'Buy Now' to proceed for payment.

Step 3: Payment:

    - For credit card payment, you will be prompted to pay via paypal.
    - For cash payment, you may pay by cash deposit / bank transfer / cheque.

Remarks: Copyright - By sending us your image, you are automatically acknowledging that you are the copyright owner of this image, or have obtained permission from the copyright owner in written form, which permits us to print it in accordance with your order.

Can I order through email or phone?

Yes, please email/call us for your request. We will contact you for detail discussion.

Will I receive an order confirmation after I have placed my order?

Yes, once order is received, we will notify you by return email.

What is the Guarantee Policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return your item within 30 days and we will rectify or refund the cost of your item. (Read more on our Refund/Returns Policy)

How many days it takes from my order to receive of canvas?

It takes 7-10 working days. Please allow additional 1-3 days if photo touch up or special effect is required, which subject to customer review and approval. For urgent delivery, please call us for enquiry.

Do you offer delivery services? If yes, what are the charges?

Yes, we do. For shipment within Singapore, it is S$25 flat rate per shipment. It is FREE for any purchase above S$199. For delivery outside Singapore, please contact us for the details.

Is the delivery charge is a one-off charge?

Yes, absolutely right, no matter what quantity you order, it is only S$25 flat rate per shipment (within Singapore). It is FREE for any purchase above S$199. So, enjoy a better deal when you buy more.

Do you offer customization? What will be the charges?

Yes, if you can't find the size from our price list, you can enter your desire size from our "Customize Size" option, the price will be shown.

Do you accept only photo in digital format?

It is preferable in digital format. However, we do offer scanning service and advice customer on charges incurred before proceed. Please contact us for more details.

What is the ideal image size or resolution for canvas print?

Most digital cameras today deliver good image resolution which is ideal for canvas printing.

As a general guide, images that are higher than 2.0MB in file size are usually good enough for excellent print out. For images with file size less than 1.5MB but higher than 750kb are still workable in most cases, but it might be subjected to a smaller canvas print size.

The detail info of the image size could be easily found by simply right-clicking on your image, then select “Properties”, you will be able to get the file size (e.g. 2.3MB) and image resolution (e.g. 2048 x1536 ) of the particular image here.

Images that are saved in JPEG or TIF file format will work fine in canvas printing. Please contact us if you have any issue with your image file format.

Can I send photos taken using my camera phone for canvas print?

Photos taken using camera phone are normally not sharp, however, in some higher spec models which have better camera features built in, it sometimes deliver good photo quality too. As long as the image is sharp enough with optimal image file size, it will be ok to send them to us. Not to worry, our professional designer will contact you to advice if there is any issue with the image quality.

What is your advice for scan photo?

Generally, it is recommended 300 dpi minimum for digital print. For scanning quality, we recommend 600dpi for photos that are 4x6 inches or bigger; 1200dpi for smaller photos.

Notes: If you want a canvas size bigger than 30x20 inches, scan at a resolution of 1200dpi.

What can be done about date stamps and red eye?

Date stamps and red eye will be removed automatically. Please inform us during your order if you prefer not to remove.

How do I care for my canvas?

All our canvases are coated with special UV coating that serves as protective shield against UV ray, which also acts as water and scratch resistant agent for moist and abrasion. In most cases, damp cloth or feather duster is sufficient enough to clean the dust or dirt that stays on the canvas over time. However, please do not expose to continuous strong sunlight or moisture in order to maintain and increase the lifespan of your canvas.

Can I place an order and arrange for it to be sent to another address?

Yes, please indicate your intended delivery address and contact during the order.

Do you have a Refund/Returns policy?

We give our customer 100% product satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return your item within 30 days and we will rectify or refund the cost of your purchase. (Read more on our Refund/Returns Policy)

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